Locked appliances or generative platforms? that is the question. After attending my BCM112 lecture, the debate on which device is better: Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android, provoked my curiosity. Currently being an avid iPhone and Apple product supporter I instantly had a bias opinion. However, after further considerations and research into the abilities of open media platforms, I considered going to the dark side of Android phones. I have created a Prezi Powerpoint to articulate the world’s of both the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android.



  1. ellenimacmillan says:

    This post is really interesting! Your overall Prezi was laid out really well which kept me engaged. You displayed great statistics and information that made me (an Apple iPhone user) curious about the world of the Android.
    I perceived the lecture a bit differently, focusing this idea of convergence on my own media platform, Facebook. Your interpretation was in depth and kept me interested! Good work! 🙂

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  2. dailysonny says:

    Sweet Kayla!

    This this really gave me a taste of both companies and their open/locked platforms. Myself being an Apple kind of guy, I was a bit startled in the lecture when having a deep thought that Apple users really do have a strict limitation in regards to the software we are using and we really have no knowledge of it compared to the Android users. If I wasn’t biased and given the choice to pick a device without having any experience with them I think I would go down Android avenue. I think “The Medium Is the Message” comes on board with this as we cannot create extensions of ourselves when being controlled therefore making the message beyond our reach as consumers.

    Do you think that this fine line between these two different fields (locked and generative) will ever subside or forever be present in this changing technological world?

    Sonny Nguyen

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