Let’s face it – social media makes us the celebrities we’ve always dreamt of becoming. Granted, much of what we write about on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. can rarely ever be considered breaking news, the emergence of citizen journalism makes the concept behind “breaking news” a very subjective, grey area in this day and age.

So are there certain forms of citizen journalism that warrant more attention than others? It’s really hard to say. As everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the rise of social media has made news about the new iPhone as relevant as the controversial meeting between President Obama and the newly-elected president of Iran.  However, I will say this – with all the distrust in the mainstream media nowadays, citizen journalism of any kind is becoming more and more important to our culture. We’re able to both dish and gain insight into different topics from almost every imaginable angle. As citizens of this digital world, we’re able to carry picket signs from our very own bedroom, without having our fingertips ever leave the keyboard.



4 thoughts on “WE ARE MEDIA

  1. dailysonny says:

    Great post Kayla!

    The meme you have created humorously depicts the way in which citizens do have the power to document world issues and the lack of inspiration in this technological world can therefore effortlessly generate content from online users. Though what is really credible? This “publish-then-filter” system of citizen journalism is in direct contrast to the “filter-then-publish” model of traditional journalism, in which stories are written by professional journalists and then edited prior to publication (Johnson and Wiedenbeck, 2009), this creates a somewhat flaw in what is produced by the reporting individuals. Just thought I’d give you something to think about as the whole population jump on this citizen journalist bandwagon; food for thought.

    All in all great post and keep it up!

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  2. blairruby says:

    Great post, the meme is hilarious and completely relates to half the people on the internet today! I completely agree with your last point, where we are now given the capabilities of becoming a journalism just through the internet. Society holds the power to decide whether something is worthy or not of our time. Nowadays we definitely rely on citizen journalism shared upon social media rather than other platforms such as newspapers, television or radio.

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