The inspiration for my Cine Roman was sourced from William Gibson’s tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.53.33 pm


This tweet highlighted our societies constant ‘need’ to upgrade and provoked interesting ideas on consumer culture. In creating my Cine Roman, I focused on the idea of what happens to the old technology when replaced with the new. This notion is portrayed by the masked and unidentifiable character in the photographs. The character watches the world produce new and modern technologies, thus inevitably leading to his eventual decay and disappearance.

The work aims to provoke a reflection by the audience on the way they consume technology. I’ve attempted to create some sort of irony within the photographs and within the title “Reality TV.” This is created by physically placing a television into reality, however the way an audience experiences the work is through the original purpose of reality tv- to watch someone/thing.

The sound piece sampled uses a repetition of commands, further exemplifying the control that technology has on us as well as our conformity to it. The fasten pace and breathing heightens the tension of the piece and develops progressively with the photographs.

Sound Sample:


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