There is no denying that I hold some bias towards this band as a result of my infinite affection towards that pure rock sound. Ever since my first listening of Love I have been doting over these indie rockers. I dare say that their debut album, Step Brothers, has been the most spun record in my collection.

Palms’ second release, Crazy Rack, was nothing short of brilliance after two years waiting. Each new track off the record feels like a different take on the rock formula; it’s a jumbled assortment of sounds and styles that ends up being surprisingly and strikingly pleasant.

The highlight of the album is definitely the first track, Bad Apple. Its greatness is almost paradoxical: although it’s a busy track that unapologetically flaunts a dirty electric guitar line and thrashing drum progressions, it’s also bright and preppy, with a super catchy chorus that’s viciously infectious.

Beatdown is another notable gem, with its grungy garage rock sounds and killer riffs. It almost resembles a relentless tornado in both its frenzied pacing and pure ferocity. Whilst these qualities form the core of Palms’ identity, there is a notable switch-up in the reserved sing-along track, No More. Frontman Al Grigg looks to a higher vocal register, sunny guitar plucks, and dreamy harmonies.

Palms have made some huge steps forward as a band this year. They’ve switched labels, moving onto Ivy League Records, home to Aussie acts like Cloud Control, Alpine and Bad//Dreems. They have graduated from tiny pubs to support slots at the Enmore, recently releasing their Australian tour following this record.

Palms has made a chaotic, care-free release, one that wears its heart on its sleeve and is all the better for its open ambition. Listening to Crazy Rack for the most part screams a scene of four lads, doing the musical nasty and eventually popping out a record that is very well composed.

Crazy Rack is out now.


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