The final film piece was produced by using paints, bleach, scratching and permanent markers directly onto film celluloid. At the beginning of this project, I experimented primarily with scratching onto found footage, however I wasn’t able to conceptualise how I would create a sense of rhythm with the film I had produced. I began trialling paint and markers with leader creating patterns that would demonstrate a rhythmic movement. Once the film was projected and digitally recorded, I was able to start manipulating the film using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I slowed down the speed of all the film so that I could clearly see what I had recorded. During the editing stage, I tried to organise the separate parts of film in a way that would represent a rain drop and the flow of water thus creating its own natural rhythm.


In the concept and experimental stage of the project, I researched filmmakers and artists who produced outstanding works in different styles of filmmaking. I was heavily influenced by Norman McLaren’s work ‘Dots (1940)’. Dots was made by painting directly onto clear frames of film. Interestingly, the music created was created in the same way, painting directly into the area on the film strip usually reserved for the soundtrack. The individual frames of the work communicate very little, but seen in quick succession they form a series of lively, playful movements. His work inspired me to draw shapes onto the film rather than found footage in order to produce a sense of rhythm.

Walter Ruttmann work ‘Lichtspiel Opus 1 (1921)’ also inspired my work in terms of using repetition to establish a sense of unity and pattern. Ruttmann’s Opus 1 is the first abstract work in film history. Instead of containing depiction’s of reality, it consists entirely of colours and shapes. His practice of working with film as though using a paintbrush and paint influenced me in terms of creating my film to a represent rain drops.


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