Three years ago- on a friend’s recommendation- I had my first listen to Aussie band Cub Scouts. Of course, the unyielding legal force of Scouts Australia has since necessitated a name change, but Cub Sport (as they became in August the same year) have continued to produce delightful indie pop music and accrue merit badges. The Brisbane five-piece have released some seriously catchy singles over the past three or so years, most notably the tropical indie stylings of Evie in 2011 and Told You So a year later.

Now back with their first full length record titled This Is Our Vice, it’s immediately clear that the band have brought a new maturity and intensity to their sound, whilst still staying true to aspects like super clean production and infectious melodies that they established in their early work.

This Is Our Vice opens with the brooding synth and collective vocals of Sun, an interesting opener that steps up in tempo, but maintains brevity through the contrast of the almost off-handily dark lyrics and easily sets the pace for the rest of the Album. I Can’t Save You follows on with one of the catchiest intro riffs I’ve heard in a while, before breaking into a super catchy, killer chorus.

Next up, It Kills Me was written by lead singer, Tim Nelson, for a friend who started working in the sex industry. The bass line is amazing by itself, funky and driving, but there is a sort of gritty aspect brought by the under layered synth and whispered vocals, making this one of my favourite songs of the collection.

Each song is so meticulously pieced together, like someone fine-tooth combed out any unnecessaries and carefully managed to keep both the tone and encompassing feeling free of that over-commercialises, too-slick vibe.

This Is Our Vice is what indie pop music should be.


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