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 Reality Television

The installation, Reality Television, aims to make comment on the invasiveness of the media and the media consumed world. A feeling of inception is created as the audience is forced to watch the television man, watching his television, watching himself on the television. The motif of CCTV is implemented through the photographs projected as they depict images of the television man in real life, in conjunction with the audio that emphasises society’s predictability.

Inspired by Nam June Paik’s, TV Buddha (1974), a Buddha statue sits opposite his own projected image, disallowing his transcendence from his own physicality. Instead he is caught in his own reflection, doomed to stay on the surface of reality.

Media Theorist Marshal McLuhan stated, “It is the continuous embrace of our own technology in daily use that puts us in the Narcissus role of subliminal awareness and numbness in relation to these images of ourselves.”


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