Working from home… doesn’t that just sound like a dream. Today, this dream is a reality as people are able to bring their office space into their home space. Liquid labour is defined as where work is flexible and not bound by traditional constraints of time and space- working from home encompasses exactly this.

However, where is the boundary between one’s personal space and work space? If we make ourselves available to being accessible online 24/7, do we really have more freedom?

Just some food for thought.


6 thoughts on “LIQUID LABOUR 101

  1. annabelleclifford says:

    Your mediation was great because you explained the concept of liquid labour and also expanded on both the positive and negative elements that come with constant accessibility. I think the line is definitely becoming blurrier when the majority of the work we do is now accessible from our devices and these devices are accessible to us all the time.

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  2. Jess says:

    Thank you for fully explaining Liquid Labour and the positives and negatives that it will trigger!
    I was just wondering whether you thought it was a positive or negative paradigm and whether you preferred the current work environment or would we better benefit from this new type of labour?
    I think you could improve by adding more of your own point of view! 🙂

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  3. dailysonny says:

    Hey Kayla! I enjoyed your informative podcast for this weeks topic, the comparisons of positive and negative impacts of liquid labour were effective. The liquefied node of production has therefore shaped physical environments that we find ourselves in such as the workplace and home and has blurred the line that divides them in a way.

    I found a link that may be of interest to you ( ). Office settings are tailoring it’s nature to fit this new form of labour for its employees, transforming the workplace to engage and interact more with the employers.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Clancy Carr says:

    Nice succinct explanation of liquid labour, and the link at the end is really interesting. Seeing the growth of working at home as a viable option in countries with decent internet infrastructure *cough*, merging the two environments is an interesting approach to retaining workers on-site. Thanks!

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  5. Hayden Carlton says:

    Nice Post! Great simple, easy to understand explanation of liquid labour. You touched on the struggles of finding the right balance between home and life, looking at how much easier it would be to simply slip on to social media. I’m curios though on how you think it would effect peoples social/private life with work always able to keep in contact?

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  6. Noelle says:

    Hi Kayla! I really enjoyed reading your blog post but also listening to your soundcloud. What you mention in your soundcloud was very interesting but also very relatable.
    I like the fact that you outlined the key points about liquid labour, the positives, negatives, the struggles of finding a balance between home and work life but it would’ve been great to hear your own view on liquid labour and working from home. But overall it was a great blog post for this week’s topic! Thanks for a great read

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