In Australia, one of the current social media revolutions is the fate of Sydney Lockout Laws. The debate over Sydney’s controversial pub and club lockout laws is heating up as a long-awaited review of the measures nears release, and those opposing the lockouts challenge the framework’s supporters to match the massive anti-lockout rallies.

The measures, which included a 1:30am lockout at nightspots and 3:00am “last drinks” in the city, were introduced in March 2014 after a sting of violent alcohol-related assaults around the Sydney CBD. The laws were immediately criticised as too heavy-handed, and have been blamed for the closure of many Sydney clubs, pubs, and venues.

The anti-lockout group Keep Sydney Open threw down the challenge to pro-lockout campaigners to prove their support with public rallies. Keep Sydney Open has held large public demonstrations attracting thousands of people. They advocate for a more considered and nuanced response to alcohol-fuelled violence including proven measures around policing, transport, planning, diversification of after-dark activity, anti-violence education campaigns, positive incentives for licensees and the introduction of a night mayor.


The Keep Sydney Open campaign used social media to bring awareness and support to the issue of lockout laws in Australia. They implemented an effective and viral hashtag: #KeepSydneyOpen. This hashtag was used to voice the opinions of anti-lockout law supporters and it allowed the campaign to target demographics between 18-30 as these are the people who are affected by the laws the most. Social media made it possible for these supporters to speak freely and spread their message to those who want to hear it.

In my opinion, there is much to be done before imposing curfew…



  1. Clare says:

    i am in love with this blog post! it is really well written and as I am someone who is not familiar with the Sydney lock out laws I appreciated the fact that you explained what has actually happened and is continuing to happen around the night life in Sydney. I think the video fitted in really well with your blog post and the topic is one close to home which really benefits this post as you seem like you have a lot of insight towards it. A very Well done!

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  2. christhompson42 says:

    Good evening, #keepsydneyopen is honestly an awesome example regarding social media for change. It’s crazy to think how that’s one of our most pressing issues in relation to some of the social media inspired movements in the Arab Sping uprisings, Ukraine and many more. Nonetheless, social media is evidently still one of our greatest tools for change and it’ll be interesting to see how it effects lockout laws in the future. The meme was also really spot on and I think I’ll have to snake that for future use if I can.

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  3. misslanamarie says:

    Social media can most definitely integrate change, and this is an extremely well supported argument/ example. Obviously there are barriers in the way people use social media to implement change, it has to be done effectively, this article could have benefited from explaining some social media muck ups. but overall quality work, really liking following your blog!

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