A new global survey has revealed that while a majority of people believe hacktivist groups are breaking the law, more than half also believe they’re required to step in when no one else will.

Results received by a survey (2016) commissioned by the Centre for International Governance Innovation revealed a majority 66% of global citizens believe hacktivist groups are breaking the law and should be stopped, while a sizeable portion (52%) also believe that hacktivist groups should step in when no one else will hold someone accountable (William, 2016).

According to the survey, when asked about perceptions of hacktivists, two in three respondents say hacktivists play an important role in keeping criminal organisations (66%), foreign governments (66%, large companies (66%) and their governments (65%) (William, 2016).

These statistics come at a time when breaches of personal data are heavily present and issues of cybersecurity and terrorism mark some of the key challenges to international peace and stability today.


William, S. 2016. Security Breif NZ. Hacktivists: Good Guys or Bad Guys?. Available from: https://securitybrief.co.nz/story/hacktivists-good-guys-or-bad-guys/ [Accessed: 9 October 2016]


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