This week in MEDA301, we were split up into various categories based on what our previous influences and passions are. The area of (Re)configuring Spacetime (story-telling through sound, image and interaction) related to my art-making practice the most.

From these categories, groups were then formed and tasked to recreate an existing artwork. I worked with Jane, Jasmine, and Maya in order to recreate Storm Room (2009) by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller.

This artwork inspired us to experiment with the idea of a water drip with no source of water. We first attempted to record our own dripping sounds, however there was too much background noise and the water wasn’t resonating clearly. For this task, we settled for pre-recorded dripping sounds sourced online. We played the drips off an iPhone which was hidden in a plastic bucket to create that illusion of a drip where there is no drip.

In our experimentation, we also worked with a video projection of a flashing light similar to that of the Storm Room. After discussing with our tutors Mat and Jo, we concluded that the projection overcomplicated the artwork and took away from the effects of the dripping. With this feedback, the notion of drips and buckets really resonated with our group and could be a possible idea to further next week.


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