Week 8 of MEDA301 we began by separating into our groups from Week 7 in order to work on another iteration of Storm Room (2009) by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller. Our group gained another member, Maddie, who’s interests were similar to ours.

Jane had sourced some kitchen pots and metal containers that we could use to experiment in class today. Jane had also recorded dripping sounds prior to class and noted that she needed to drip the water from quite high to get a good sound. The higher she got, the louder and more resonate the drip.


Image Source: https://janeaubourgblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/recording-drips/

We played around how we could get speakers into the pots and still create the illusion of where the dripping is coming from. We also discussed possible conceptual ideas and put forward our own individual passions in order to create a unified project that appeals to each group member.


  • Installation
  • Projection
  • Arduino
  • “Guerilla Marketing”
  • Sound/Music
  • Interactive

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