In Week 9 of MEDA301 our experimentation was very similar to that of Week 8’s as we are still working out the logistics of having speakers or iPhones in the pots. Our group is content with the recorded dripping sounds that we have and will continue to use them for the final project. We discussed working with bluetooth speakers so that they would be cordless, however transferring the sound data to the speakers may be an issue. Another alternative discussed was drilling holes through the pots so that cables could be run and easily hidden.


At the end of class, we decided to experiment with an interactive floor projection that would ripple when stepped on. This idea was good in theory, however after testing the projection we realised it just complicated the work more and took away from the previous aesthetic.


Our group has a very clear direction currently, we want to continue working with the pots and dripping sounds. However, we feel as though there needs to be another element to the project to really make it stand out. We left the tutorial with the task of thinking of more conceptual ideas and other elements we could bring to the artwork for next week.



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