In Week 11 of MEDA301, we really worked on trying to really conceptualise our project. Jane brought in chain and hooks for the lampshades which made it extremely easy to hang and move the lampshades on the ceiling. We immersed ourselves around the project and discussed potential ideas, however it did feel as though we hit a brick wall in terms of creating a meaning/narrative for the project.

Matt and Jo discussed possible ideas and ways forward with our project. Here are the notes that were taken from that class:

  • Jo disrupted the setup by putting out lampshades on the floor, putting a pot upside down, hanging a pot.
  • Matt suggested hanging more lampshades, experimenting with a lampshade cluster.
  • The narrative doesn’t need to be a linear narrative.
  • The sound was forming a sort of tone poem. All the pots are slightly different as are the lampshades. The sounds are all slightly different, so perhaps we want slight variations in the light.
  • Light coming through the lampshade creates the different light tones, perhaps hanging the lampshades upside down so the light shines through the pattern.
  • We liked the really stripped back element; we only had pots and lampshades.
  • We tried using lights on the floor to simulated a slightly ajar door, or cracks in the wall. It didn’t really work so we scrapped it and moved on.
  • Jo really liked that we had taken up the whole space. It gave the artwork a lot more space and meant you could move through it.
  • Matt suggested that instead of trying to think of ways that the lamps and pots speak to each other conceptually, we could make them materially speak to each other and interact. Light sensors in the pots and sound sensors in the lights (probably using Arduino). – This is an idea we wanted to explore further.

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