In our final tutorial of MEDA301, our group were quick to set up the lampshades and the pots. We worked on displaying the lampshades and pots into a cluster format which we really liked the look of. Jo and Matt suggested that creating a stage for the pots to be placed on might give the project more form and direction.

We managed to get two of the three light bulbs on the arduino system to work and they triggered nicely to the drip frequency. We mounted the arduino system on the roof to avoid the cluster of cords dangling from the roof.

We experimented with different coloured sheets on the floor to see what works best. The grey sheet that I provided seemed to work best as it blended to the colour of the existing floor more. With the inclusion of the circular stage that Maddie made, we decided to match the floor colour and paint the stage that exact colour.

Jasmine worked with our IT Guru Glenn on how to use the arduino coding for the sound element of the artwork. They managed to get it functioning, so we will be working on that two-way communication next Monday on the break.



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