In Australia, state and territory governments are responsible for animal welfare and well being within their jurisdiction. These governments set and enforce laws to protect animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals. However, many Australians don’t realise the startling defects in our animal welfare laws – how they exempt most animals from protection, how they permit profound and inexcusable cruelty, and how poorly enforced they are. Thus, there is clearly a need for the awareness and improvement of animal welfare: this is the basis for my Digital Artefact in Assessment 3.

The Digital Artefact I have created is a website that aims to bring awareness to the issue of animal welfare in Australia. Living in the digital age, using a website as the platform allows for information to be reached and accessed by mass audiences. Websites allow you to control your online presence, according to Xynergy 70% of people have used the Internet to find a local business in the last 12 months (Xynergy, 2013). By establishing an online presence you take control over what appears when those potential consumers search for your organisation. Furthermore, websites allow for 24/7 marketing, as it is always online and available to consumers (Xynergy, 2013). However, there are disadvantages to having a website that can negatively effect your organisations reach. One weakness is producing a poorly developed website as this could turn your consumers away. When designing my website, I endeavoured to create a user interface that was easy to navigate in order to avoid confusing consumers and potentially losing their engagement.

My digital artefact was created by using, which is a free application, to develop and launch my website publicly. The website aims to target both political and consumer issues surrounding animal welfare. The website provides information on what the issue of animal welfare in Australia, what we can do to help, media campaign strategy tips, and a list of established Australian organisations that support animal welfare. These topics are listed as easily accessed through the header bar as well as scrolling through the homepage. I have incorporated a gallery and contact page in order to allow consumers to be visually and actively engaged with the material. The aim of the website is to provide knowledge of the issues currently surrounding animal welfare and provide the stepping stones for active audiences to become involved in supporting and promoting these concerns.

There are many perspectives on the topic of animal welfare in Australia. With this in mind, I have attempted to provide a website that states factual information by using academic journals and government websites as the main source of content. This allows the consumer to make an informed personal decision on the topic, thus permitting them to decide whether they wish to take a call of action. The digital artefact summarises the main concerns regarding animal welfare in an interesting and engaging platform that allows for greater audience reach, thus resulting in more involvement by online communities.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 4.40.07 pm



Xynergy, 2013. ‘The pro and cons of having a website.’ Available here: [Accessed: 31 May 2017]


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