This week we discussed the need to have proposals in order to communicate with our collaborators, with producers/curators who may be showing our works, with our potential audience, viewers and users, and maybe with funders. Proposals can bring ideas, thoughts, methodologies together to speculate on projected outcomes.

In starting to think about my project proposal, I made some notes about what themes I am interested in:

  • The invasiveness of the media and the media consumed world.
  • Consumerism.
  • Built in obsolescence.
  • Obsolesce of technology.
  • CCTV/Big Brother/1984

My Tutor Jo Law made me expand on some of these in order to find the question that would dominate and steer the work, these are some notes from our conversation:

  • Your subconscious content ultimately shapes you and others response to that content shapes you.
  • Technology has agendas.
  • Mediated you.
  • What is the media doing to us? What do we look like through this mediation?
  • James Orwell ‘1984’
  • ‘the Truman Show’
  • Marshall McLuhan
  • “Siri is listening to you”

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