This week I continued to iterate with the idea of plastic tape bodies, however I decided to downside and focus on babies. The full body plastic tape bodies didn’t have any strong concept behind them and the tape had begun to deform and re-shapen. With making plastic tape babies I am able to produce more of them, and quicker, as well as having the benefit of the bodies being more stable resulting in less deformities.

I’ve used a de-constructed baby born in order to tape the bodies form correctly. I am planning to make 16 babies and string them up from the ceiling (4 babies x 4 strings). I plan to have a light (possibly 2x) positioned on the floor to cast shadows of the babies on the corner walls of the gallery space. My concept derived from the idea of the one child rule in China, as the majority of children placed for adoption are females. I wanted to explore this concept through my work by creating a piece that create an emotive response from the audience about the forgotten daughters of China.





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